Staying Safe During Your Road Trip

February 23rd, 2018 by

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s just about time for your family and friends to pile into your Hyundai for a much-needed road trip. The drive can often be just as much fun as the destination, so it’s understandable that many Americans will want to get on the road as fast as possible. According to AAA, 35 percent of Americans planned to take a trip 50 or more miles away from home in 2017, and 70 percent planned to take multiple road trips. Remember to slow down and consider your own safety, though! Preparing yourself and your vehicle for the drive is the first step to having a fun and safe vacation.

Pack a Road Trip Kit
You never know what could happen on the road. You may break down. Your battery may fail. Your child may hurt themselves. It’s best to plan for every potential outcome before you set out by creating a road trip kit that has everything you need to make it there and back safely and happily.

No one wants to make an additional stop at the grocery store because they forgot to stock up on snacks. But, as every parent knows, a miserably hungry kid ensures everyone else is miserable too. Pack a cooler with plenty of healthy, filling snacks for you and your passengers to ensure no one gets too “hangry” along the way.

Wherever you go, there’s always a risk of injury. That’s why it’s important your road trip kit includes first aid materials as well. Gauze, bandages, antibacterial ointment, alcohol swabs, tweezers and a little flashlight are some of the basics that may need to be included in your kit.

Don’t forget the water! Many times, when people complain of a headache, stomachache or dizziness, their body is actually just dehydrated. Having nonstop fun and activity all day long could make you and your loved ones forget to drink plenty of water, so it’s best to have it readily available to alleviate any dehydration-related discomfort.

Ideally, your vehicle will be in tip-top shape before you set out, but it’s hard to predict how long hours of use could affect it. Pack a few automobile must-haves to ensure you don’t get stranded. Jumper cables, a thick towel, extra car fluids and road flares could help keep you and your passengers safe and moving forward.

Avoid Distractions
Part of the fun of going on a road trip is getting to rock out, joke around and chat with the people you love on the way. However, having fun while driving could prove dangerous for everyone involved, including other drivers. If you’re constantly correcting your kids in the back seat, turning to chat with your co-pilot or choosing the next song on your phone, you aren’t paying attention to the road and other vehicles around you.

Instead, banish distractions by designating music duty and back seat supervision to your front seat passenger. Simply keeping your eyes on the road can dramatically decrease your likelihood of getting into a collision.

Take Breaks
Driving may not seem like such a difficult job, but being in the car for long periods of time and focusing your attention can get exhausting. Make sure you and your crew take a few breaks every now and then to stretch your legs and reenergize yourselves. These are great times for little ones and pets to run to the restroom and for you to fill up the car with gas and buy some extra snacks to restock the cooler.

Even if a gas station isn’t nearby, there are plenty of scenic turnoffs where you and your passengers can enjoy the beauty of nature and get some fresh air. After all, the CDC estimates that as many as 6,000 crashes per year are caused by exhausted or sleepy drivers, so it’s best to take 20 minutes to relax before hitting the road again. If you just can’t shake the drowsiness, switch drivers or take a quick catnap.

Get a Tune-Up
Your car may be in great shape for driving around town, but you never know how much it can take when out on the open road. Servicing your vehicle before you leave for your trip can save you a lot of time, stress and money later on. For the most reliable tune-up packages, it’s best to schedule service with your dealer’s maintenance team, so you know the quality of the products and services you’ll receive.

At the very least, your car should have:

An oil and fluid check
A tire pressure check
A recent tire rotation
A battery check, and
A cooling system check
Don’t forget to top off your gas, as well!

Schedule Your Service at Volume Hyundai
Your vehicle can help you make some of the best memories of your life. Getting a tune-up before you set out helps ensure you can keep making road trip memories for years to come. If your Hyundai could use an oil change, brake check or any other preventative maintenance service this spring, make sure it’s done right the first time by taking it to Volume Hyundai. Our maintenance experts provide fast, affordable service at the quality you’ve come to expect of Hyundai. To schedule your tune-up services, give us a call at (478) 387-4376 or request an appointment online today!

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