Introducing Hyundai Blue Link All-Access

February 6th, 2018 by

Have you ever wanted to have your groceries carefully placed in your car while you’re at work, or have your car refueled while you catch up on your favorite TV shows at home? Thanks to a recent partnership between Hyundai Motor America and California-based tech company Smartcar, some 2018 Hyundai drivers will be able to take advantage of such conveniences in a completely safe and easy fashion.

It’s called Hyundai Blue Link All-Access, and it utilizes recently developed car-sharing and location-based mobile technology combined with third-party apps to create an ecosystem of Hyundai driver-friendly conveniences and services. The new technology is only available to California businesses for now – meaning it’s also only available to California Hyundai drivers – but it’s expected to expand as the prevalence of car-sharing does as well.

How Does Blue Link All-Access Work?
Blue Link All-Access, in conjunction with certain third-party app companies and Smartcar’s renowned car-sharing platform, provide drivers the ability to remotely request a variety of on-demand, vehicle-related services using only the Hyundai Blue Link account on their mobile device.

By ordering a desired service, the driver temporarily and securely provides the service provider access to their vehicle. After the service is completed the vehicle is secured again. Drivers connect their Blue Link account with their third-party service provider account to accept conditions and give permission to access the vehicle. The service can be done wherever your car is parked.

Blue Link All-Access and Washos
Mobile car washing company Washos was the first to take advantage of the partnership. Essentially, Hyundai drivers in California can get their car completely washed and detailed and the process can be completed 100 percent remotely and securely.

The driver connects their Blue Link account to their Washos account through their Blue Link All-Access app to request service and give permissions. After that, Washos employees are notified of the vehicle’s location and given temporary access to the vehicle to complete the job. The driver is notified when the service is completed and the service provider can no longer access the vehicle.

Here are some of the other services Hyundai and Smartcar plan to provide:

Grocery delivery
On-demand fuel or charging services
Dry cleaning services
Car sharing programs, allowing drivers to rent their vehicle to others for a short amount of time
Building on Blue Link
All-Access will be expanding upon Hyundai’s existing Blue Link Connected Car Service app, which is available in every new 2018 Hyundai model. Connected Car Service provides drivers with a slew of driver-friendly conveniences, such as remote start with climate control, remote door lock and unlock, on-demand diagnostics, remote car finder and more.

Volume Hyundai is Here for You
Hyundai is known for providing drivers with some of the most fuel efficient, reliable and affordable vehicles on the road. Considering what Hyundai Blue Link and Smartcar are bringing to the table, you can add state-of-the-art technology and driver convenience to that list as well.

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